Mora Enduro

Round 2 of the D23 Enduro Series

Mora Enduro

In a traditional time-keeping Enduro, riders leave together in groups or rows, and each row starts at a certain minute. The object of the event is to arrive at pre-defined locations according to a strict schedule. Early or late arrivals result in the riders’ scores being penalized. Riders frequently use “roll charts” and/or GPS devices to ensure they stick to the course and are on schedule. Throughout an event there are designated time periods for refueling.

An Enduro can be a grueling event, and demands that riders be in peak physical condition to compete at the highest levels, while at the same time there are classes suitable for casual riders and youth competitors that frequently utilize less challenging trails and have shorter durations.

Danbury Dual Sport Dual Sport Adventure Ride Mora Enduro Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Danbury Dual Sport

Dual Sport is a type of motorcycle riding which is a mix of off road trails connected with the use of roads.

This is a one day event which is suitable for those who desire to develop skills without the pressure to keep up with the pack.

On-line REGISTRATION CLOSES 4/17/2020 or when 100 riders have registered.

MN300 Adventure Ride

The MN300 Adventure is a is a 2 day adventure ride through the Walker/Leech Lake area in northern MN. The route consists of two loops, each approximately 150 miles of great fall colors on dirt roads, paved roads and trails from Northern Lights Casino in Walker, MN, through many forest roads, snowmobile, and ATV trails in the area.

On-line REGISTRATION CLOSES 9/25/2020 or when 100 riders have registered.

Mora Enduro

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club has been sponsoring the Mora Enduro in the Snake River State Forest for over 65 years! This Enduro is the only time you can ride the trails in this forest, don't miss it! July 12, 2020 for the Main Enduro and a Youth Enduro July 11, 2020 paying Youth Cross Country Series points.

Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

This Hare Scrambles is held at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, WI. The course includes a woods course and  moto track. Don't miss out on the fun July 26, 2020!

Trollhaugen Memorial Race Track in Dresser, WI will be rocked for this legendary, once a year spectacle! The infamous Area 51 will give riders thrills and chills as they try to conquer the hills at the Troll. Four races for riders of every age, size and ability.

Mora Enduro Mora Enduro Mora Enduro Mora Enduro Mora Enduro
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AMA district 23 ARMCAMora Enduro

July 12, 2020

Trail Boss: Todd Mathwig 612-328-3169

2020 Mora Enduro Results Click HERE

2020 Mora Youth Enduro Results Click HERE

**These are preliminary scores, protest period ends at Noon Tuesday July 14, 2020 at which time the scores will be official. If anyone has questions or concerns about your score contact

Youth Enduro

July 11, 2020

Trail Boss Joe Martinson 763-587-1702

The Mora Enduro is held in the Snake River State Forest and has been for over 65 years.

2020 Mora Rout sheet is available HERE


The Minnesota DNR has issued a permit finally for this event as long as we follow the following protocol:

Mora Enduro 7/12/2020
Safe to Race Protocol

  • All trash/garbage must be taken home with you.
  • No camping allowed.
  • No AMA card sales at the event. You must get AMA cards in advance.
  • No district card sales at the event. You must get District 23 cards in advance.
  • Pre-entry only. There will be no race-day sign-up. All sign-ups will be done online in advance of the event.
  • HEIC (Health Executive In-Charge) will be Rex Greenwald
  • No spectators.
  • Each rider is allowed one support person.
  • Upon “gate” entry, each vehicle will stop and riders will show current AMA and District 23 cards. One liability release waiver per vehicle will be used. You must provide your own pen. A packet will be given to each rider containing riding number, score card, route sheet, “Riders’ meeting” handout.
  • Each person in the vehicle will receive a disposable face mask if they do not already have one per person in the vehicle.
  • Attendees must stay in units of less than 10 people and follow social distancing guidelines.
  • No in-person rider's meeting.
  • Key time is 9:00 a.m. Usual staggered start of four riders per minute. Do not come to the start until two minutes prior to your starting time. Riders only at start.
  • At resets and gas stops, helmets must remain on the riders. Anyone without a helmet on must wear a face mask.
  • No support crews at gas stop, gas cans will trailered to gas stop and be placed in pods of 10 or less.
  • At the conclusion of the race, riders must pack up their belongings and leave as all scoring will be done remotely and off-site.
  • Scores will be posted online by 12:00 p.m., Monday, July 13
  • There will be a 24-hour protest period. Protest will end 12:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 14
  • Classes will receive first place trophies only. Trophies will be mailed to the recipient address provided on pre entry form.
  • All workers will wear face masks.
  • All parking will be set up to enforce social distancing and strictly enforced.
  • If you are experiencing a fever, cough or other Coronavirus symptoms, please do not come.
  • If you are not prepared to follow these guidelines, you should not come to this event. If you come to the event and do not follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave.

***There will be no exceptions to any of the Safe to Race protocol. You can either follow the instructions or not participate. Those are the choices for us to be able to hold an event.***

Open the PDF of this Protocol to print

Pre-Entry registration is mandatory

Pre Enter HERE

Signup has been extended until 9:00 am Saturday for the mini Enduro and 9:00 pm Saturday for the main Enduro.

The district has set up a one day Mora Enduro online entry if you don't have a D23 membership.

One Day Competition District Membership


Select events are offering one day district sign ups online. Please make sure you select the correct event and date.

*****Your email confirmation should be used as proof of purchase the day of the event*****

If you have any questions please e-mail

Click HERE to go to D23 web site to purchase, This will NOT be available for purchase at the event.

The Main Enduro will be a straight up restart Enduro, with no time keeping required. Anyone who enjoys and loves challenging single track Enduro trail, and wants the challenge of an enduring course, will enjoy every minute of their day.

There is some muddy areas, but with a great deal of effort, the trail team has put in close to 5 new ground miles of trail which was laid out with a GPS over the winter months. This new trail was added to navigate around the worst areas from past years and keep the riding tests on the highest ground possible.

The trails are in excellent shape, and several people have put in many hours preparing the course, including mowing the trail to knock down and eliminate the undergrowth as best as possible.

The Mora Enduro is legendary and is the longest running Enduro in Minnesota. With a long history and reputation, our goal is to keep the legend running and give the riders the tests they want.

All of the trails are in a closed State Forest area, and the only time anyone has a chance to ride some of the best Enduro trail in the upper Midwest is on the "MORA" legendary Enduro weekend.

**You MUST be an AMA and District member to participate in Norsemen events. Get more information on requirements.

2020 Micro & Macro Class riders

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club is paying all rider entries for the District 23 Micro & Macro riders for all Norsemen events in 2020. This includes Mora Enduro and Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles.

If you ride the D23 Micro or Macro Classes your entry fee is free!

Mini 45.945010, -93.350983


Mini start is 2483 Imperial Street, Mora MN, follow the arrows from Highway 65.

Main Event start Highway 65 approximately 16 miles north of Mora. Turn east on County Road 82 (Woodland); go east 4 miles and turn left (north) on Olympic Street. Go 2 miles north and turn right (east) on 380th Avenue. Go 2.2 miles to the start. Follow the arrows from Highway 65.


Main 46.129701, -93.191792

Key Time:

  • Youth Enduro Micro & Macro Classes Saturday 1:00 p.m.
  • Youth Enduro Premier, PeeWee & Girls Classes Saturday 2:00 p.m.
  • Main event Sunday 9:00 a.m.

Click HERE for information on AMA District 23 Classes


  • Main event will consist of approximately 42 ground miles.
  • Micro & Macro course is 1.6 miles
  • Premier, PeeWee & Girls course is 4.5 miles


A good mix of flat and rolling hills mixed with a few rocks. Mora Enduro utilizes some of the most pristine single track trails in the state. These trails can only be ridden during this event.


  • AMA card, parent present with minors (racing or spectating)
  • District card
  • US Forestry Service Approved spark arrestor

Entry Fee:

With current AMA and District 23 or 16 cards.

Lodging Information:

Click HERE for lodging in the area.

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