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Loud Pipes Risks Rights

What good is horsepower if you have nowhere to ride?

Cambridge Sprint Enduro Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Cambridge Sprint Enduro

We are excited to offer the first Sprint Enduro in District 23! Simply put, Sprint Enduro is individual off-road motorcycle racing, against the clock. May 7, 2017!


Picture grass track combined with some great trails, and you holding it wide open for 6-10 minutes trying to do a lap as quick as possible. This is an Enduro, so you're racing against the clock, not head-to-head against other riders.

Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride

The Minnesota 300 is a two day adventure ride through the Walker/Leech Lake area in northern Minnesota September 30 & October 1, 2017. The route consists of two loops, each approximately 150 miles each. The loops begin and end at the Norther Lights Casino and utilize many forest roads, snowmobile and ATV trails in the area.

On-line REGISTRATION CLOSES 9/16/2017 or when 100 riders have registered.

Mora Enduro

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club has been sponsoring the Mora Enduro in the Snake River State Forest for over 50 years! This Enduro is the only time you can ride the trails in this forest, don't miss it! June 18, 2017 for the Main Enduro and a Family Enduro June 17, 2017 paying Youth Cross Country Series points.

Cambridge TT

The Norsemen MC is proud to host 2 TT events at our property in Cambridge, MN. Mark your calendar June 17 and June 18, 2017. A TT is a similar type of race to Dirt Track, but differs from a regular flat track event by including a right turn and a jump. The goal is simple, be the first rider to the checked flag on the last lap!

Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

This Hare Scrambles is held at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, WI. The course includes a woods course and  moto track. Don't miss out on the fun July 16, 2017!

Trollhaugen Memorial Race Track in Dresser, WI will be rocked for this legendary, once a year spectacle! The infamous Area 51 will give riders thrills and chills as they try to conquer the hills at the Troll. Four races for riders of every age, size and ability.

Cambridge Hare Scrambles Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Flat Track Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles
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IIt's time to get serious. We're saying "Shut Up!"

Too many trails are being closed and Counties are continuously trying to take away your right to ride on your own property, so District 23 has implemented sound testing at the moto cross events as has been done for several years prior at the off-road events. A 96 decibel maximum exhaust limit will be enforced as per AMA rules. Is the District being cruel? Are they picking on people that have aftermarket mufflers? Are they just trying to force everyone to ride stock muffled bikes? No, no, and no!

Less Sound = More Ground

Being active in keeping our riding areas open, we encounter many situations and opinions. Our club encounters a smattering of our riding friends who continue to ride with loud pipes. Emotional horsepower. Noise annoys. Period. Most of the 4-strokes nowadays have so much power, why would you want to go up another 10 decibels for a small amount of ponies? We are also around land owners, public and private. Many don't understand our sport, and we ALWAYS get hit with the noise issue. Most off-road events are on public lands where people use the lands in other various ways too. That's what they remember - the noise. Noise annoys, and I don't buy into the "loud pipes save lives" slogan, although that's primarily for the street.

Loud Pipes Risk Rights

In this cloud-of-loud, here are some options that work:

  • Repack your muffler correctly (do this first!)
  • Run with the stock exhaust (possibly the stealthiest and best solution)
  • Run with the stock exhaust and modify it
  • Run with an aftermarket muffler
  • Add an extension that points the exhaust downward
  • Add a thick cycle tube on the end of the pipe (pointing downward) or something thicker like a car radiator hose

Muffling a big bore four stroke motor is a real pain. Anything you do to make it quiet seems to have the same effect as stuffing a potato in the exhaust pipe. I've come to realize, however, that if there is going to be anywhere left to ride, its up to us to make our machines as quiet as possible. I'd rather put up with a little less horsepower than have closed signs on my favorite riding areas, or be told it's ILLEGAL to ride on the acreage you purchased just for riding. If you can put up with the stock muffler, leave it on. "But it weighs 23lbs!" one rider said. The lightest aftermarket mufflers shed a whooping 2lbs (Big Deal on a motorcycle that already weighs 285lbs).

The AMA has a standard for measuring exhaust sound which is posted in their rules book each year.

Bottom line

It's up to us to take care of us, before we have yet more laws imposed on our sport, or continue to get closed out. You basically have two choices: Be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem.

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