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Proud sponsor of quality AMA sanctioned off-road events in Minnesota

Cambridge Hare Scrambles Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Cambridge Hare Scrambles

The Cambridge Hare Scrambles is held at the Norsemen owned property in Cambridge, MN which includes a woods course,  moto track and a TT track. May 8, 2016!

Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride

The Minnesota 300 is a two day adventure ride through the Walker/Leech Lake area in northern Minnesota June 25 & 26, 2016. The route consists of two loops, each approximately 150 miles each. The loops begin and end at the Norther Lights Casino and utilize many forest roads, snowmobile and ATV trails in the area.

On-line REGISTRATION CLOSES 6/12/2016 or when 100 riders have registered.

Mora Enduro

The Norsemen Motorcycle Club has been sponsoring the Mora Enduro in the Snake River State Forest for over 50 years! This Enduro is the only time you can ride the trails in this forest, don't miss it! July 24, 2016 for the Main Enduro and a Family Enduro July 23, 2016 paying Youth Cross Country Series points.

Cambridge TT

The Norsemen MC is proud to host 2 TT events at our property in Cambridge, MN. New clay has been brought in to improve the TT track for everyone's enjoyment. NOTE: This is a Norsemen MC event and will not be run by NCDT. Mark your calendar June 5 and September 11, 2016.

Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles

Voted #1 Hare Scrambles in AMA District 23 for 2014! This Hare Scrambles is held at the Trollhaugen Outdoor Recreation Area in Dresser, WI. The course includes a woods course and  moto track. Don't miss out on the fun October 2, 2016!

Cambridge Hare Scrambles Minnesota 300 Adventure Ride Mora Enduro TT Flat Track Trollhaugen Hare Scrambles
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Over 50 years sponsoring quality events
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Cambridge Hare Scrambles

We had a great event Sunday May 8. Thanks to all the riders who attended and also to the Mothers in attendance on Mother's Day.

Results are posted for the 1st D23 Hare Scrambles

National Enduro comes to Minnesota!

River Vslley Enduro Riders MN district 23 AMA National EnduroThe Norsemen would like to welcome all the National Enduro riders coming to Minnesota for the Huntersville National Enduro June 19, 2016 hosted by the River Valley Enduro Riders.



There is a 500 rider limit for this event so you need to enter ASAP.


The Outpost Bar 23115
Old Bridge Rd
Menahga, MN 56464

  • Ample pauses, 2 Gas Stops, 2 Cans Needed
  • Gas Trailers Provided
  • Pit Crews can drive to Gas Stops
  • All trails are on state & private property
  • No Spectators or Pit Crews allowed on trail
  • Spectator Maps Available at Sign-up
  • All scoring will be done electronically
  • Transponders will be available for $15
  • NEPG uses a different transponder than ARMCA23
  • Saturday 2:00 pm until 6:00 pm
  • Sunday open at 6:30 am
  • USFS Stamped Spark Arrestor required
  • Lights and tag are not required
  • Key Time 9:00 am
  • Riders Meeting 8:15 am
  • Pre-Entry $55.00
  • Pro Class $80.00
    with 100% payback
  • Semi Factory park by Outpost Bar
  • Auxiliary Parking
  • Free parking in pasture for Pick-up Trucks, Trailers, Vans, Cars & RV’s
  • Americ Inn & Suites (Park Rapids) 218-732-1234
  • Super 8 (Park Rapids) 214-732-9704
  • C’mon Inn (Park Rapids) 800-258-6891
  • Americ Inn (Wadena) 218-631-1580
  • Americas Best Inn (Staples) 218-894-3585
  • Concessions will be available Saturday & Sunday
  • Spaghetti dinner available, sponsored by The & Park Rapids Youth Hockey Association
  1. An RFID antenna will receive your time from your RFID transponder that will be stuck under your helmet visor and send it to an Android device that will then transmit it via cell tower or satellite in real time to the internet.
  2. Anyone in the world that clicks on the link for that event can see how you and everyone else in the event is placing overall, and in your class, as each rider comes through each check point.
  3. Anyone viewing the results can click on an individual rider and bring up their personal profile to see where they are from, their photo and other details that the rider has uploaded.
  4. You will be able to view your times on your smart phone or at the scoring trailer during the event that will be displayed in the actual time (down to the thousand of a second) it took each rider to ride each test.
  5. Awards will be handed out sooner because there will no longer be a need to wait for scoring equipment to come back from the course to score that section.
  1. Rider management of their own account that in the future will have links to Face book, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  2. Easier on-line registration process, especially for multiple riders.
  3. Real time scoring as riders pass through each checkpoint.
  4. Scores calculated in the actual time it takes the rider to ride the test to the thousand of a second.
  5. View scores on your smartphone during the event.
  6. Watch live commentary from the NEPG staff along with results so you know the whole story.
  • Online results that lists riders overall & class position

Trail Design, Layout and Construction Workshop

When: June 14 - 16, 2016
Where: Paul Bunyan State Forest near Akeley, MN
Contact: Mark Hildesheim
Phone: 208-416-3557

This workshop is still in the planning stages. Current information includes:

  • The workshop will be based on the NOHVCC Great Trails guide book
  • One day of classroom activity and two days in the field
  • Will be taught by RecConnect's Dick Dufourd (guide book author)

Check the NOHVCC web site for additional details and other information.

Google Calendar

Check out the Google calendar for all the D23 Off-Road events. You can save it to your calendar, get directions to events and trail boss contact information all in one place.

Family, Youth Memberships, One-Event Race Pass Now Available from the AMA

Racers now have a choice of one of five memberships: AMA Competition Plus, AMA Competition, AMA Family (not available for purchase on event day), AMA Youth or an AMA One-Event Pass. Get all the information HERE.

Congratulations to the #1 Norsemen who finished in the top of their class in 2015

Enduro Champions

  • Logan Kittock - A Lites
  • Jonathan Banks - Vet A
  • Paul Reschke - Super Senior A
  • Bob Maki - Super Senior B
  • Steve Reschke - Masters
  • Tawnia Stukel - Women 30+
  • Joseph Goth - Junior
  • Dalton Kittock - Premier
  • Joseph Goth - PeeWee
  • Ryanne Artmann - Macro

Hare Scrambles Champions

  • Dylan Debel - AA
  • Logan Kittock - 200 A
  • Paul Reschke - Super Senior A
  • Brady Kittock - Junior
  • Steve Danelius - Sportsman

AMA 2016 Rule Book Addition

REASON: Adding a new type of Enduro for promoters with limited space.

Chapter K; Section 2.3

K. Sprint Enduro

  1. A Sprint Enduro follows the rules for Enduro's with the following exceptions:
    • There is a time limit to complete the required test section or tests.
    • Test sections will be 2-7 miles in length and may consist of various terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obsticles, grass tracks, and other off-road terrain.
    • All loops must be ran in consecutive section order.
  2. Riders will be informed on the number of sections or tests that they must complete in the allowed time.
  3. The riders test times will be recorded at the end of each test section, in minutes and seconds and at the end of the event all test scores will be totaled up and the lowest score wins.
  4. In the event of a tie, the tied riders last test score will break the tie. If there is still a tie, the first rider with better time in the next preceding test wins.

May 2016 Cycle USA

Cycle USA May Issue


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